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Granulera is a three oscillator granular synthesizer designed to create tactile and unpredictable textures.

You can use it in any DAW that accepts VST, VST3, or AU plugin formats.

While those formats don't work in Pro Tools, you can use a VST wrapper plugin like DDMF's Metaplugin or BlueCat's Patchwork to use them in Pro Tools.

You must have Csound installed for the plugin to work. I've included Csound installation files as well as instructions in the download. 

I provide this plugin free of charge. If you'd be so kind, I'd be thankful for any donations you might be inclined to make if you appreciate my work :)


- Three oscillators

- High pass, low pass, and band pass filters with ADSR envelope

- Randomization controls for grain density, grain duration, and overall pitch

- Ring and Frequency Modulation

- Sine wave LFOs for key parameters

- Stereo delay and reverb effects

Supported formats: 

MacOS: VST, VST3, AU/Component

Windows: VST, VST3


I don't have the means to test the plugin on a variety of OS and DAW versions. I recommend downloading it for free and checking to see if it runs fine on your system before sending me money for it.

I want this!

A tactile granular synthesizer, great for shimmery pads to aleatoric randomness. Formats supported: VST, VST3, AU.

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1 rating
I want this!